Runner’s HIIT Bootcamp


  • Don’t let the word bootcamp scare you.  We won’t be in your face yelling “give me 10 more pushups!”, but we will expect you to work hard and have fun while doing so.  As you know, running can be a very social sport, and so can Runners Bootcamp.

Most of you have probably heard people say that runners should have a strong core, should work on their core to become a better runner, should cross-train and strength train a few days a week.  They are all true statements, but how exactly do you go about achieving all of this?

This bootcamp will focus on doing all of the above.  We will work on strength exercises, which will increase muscle while also helping to decrease your risk of injury and strain of your ligaments and joints.  We will work on cardio exercises, which will increase your lung capacity, speed and endurance.  We will work on core exercises, which will train your lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvis to work together to increase balance and stability.  Also, along the way, we will torch calories with a combination of high intensity intervals and cardio which will keep you burning calories for hours after the workout!

Come to one session per week, or better yet, come to both sessions each week to reap the benefits faster!

Each session will be different and will become progressively more difficult.  All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels.

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Wednesdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and Sundays, 4 Class Pass, Drop-In Class


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